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“Giving Credit That’s Well Overdue To A Very Humble Young Man” : Chief Sweat Maker Andre Hudson's Thought's On Fitness
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“Giving Credit That’s Well Overdue To A Very Humble Young Man”

by Andre Hudson on 11/29/17

Another Pro Builder Fitness protege’ College Baseball player Kennie Taylor Jr, has truly been a blessing to the Duke Blue Devils of North Carolina. In the past few years at Duke, Taylor has put up some outstanding numbers that simply speaks volumes for his performance on the diamond. Having had the honor of working with this young man throughout his high school career, I admit I’m impressed but not surprised. Taylor’s hard work ethics, love for the game along with his humble observant character is not a show, he’s the real deal. What you see is truly what you get. Take all of that and throw in a bit of raw talent, a dose of athleticism along with years of good sound training, and what you have is a well groomed athlete ready for the big leagues. 

Below is the most recent update from D1BASEBALL.com Don’t be surprised if Pollard hits Conine in the No. 2 hole behind Herron, and protects him with fellow junior outfielder Kennie Taylor (.314/.383/.496) in the three-spot. Pollard said Taylor was “clearly our second-best offensive guy last year” by the end of the season; he makes a lot of loud contact, especially to the pull side, and has very good speed that plays in center field. The Devils have three legit center fielders between Taylor, Herron and sophomore Chase Cheek, who is the fastest of the lot, capable of running the 60-yard dash in under 6.4 seconds. Left field is tricky at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park thanks to the Blue Monster, so Duke is fortunate to have multiple very good outfielders. If they stick with Herron in left, Taylor in center and Conine in right, they still hope to find playing time for Cheek, a lefthanded hitter, and maybe also talented freshman Steve Mann, a compact and athletic righthanded hitter. www.probuilderfitness.com www.youthathleteperformanceinstitute.com andre@probuilderfitness.com 727-465-3065 Chief Sweat Maker Out! #probuilderfitness #athlete #athleticperformance #dukebluedevils #dukebaseball #baseball #football #tennis #volleyball #lacrosse #soccer #fitness #personaltrainer



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