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Pro builder Fitness Personal Trainer St Petersburg FL Boxing Conditioning Radivoje Kalajdzic

by Andre Hudson on 05/28/19

Light Heavyweight Pro Boxer “Heavy Hands” Radivoje “Hot Rod” Kalajdzic always ready for the next drill, the next exercise, the next rep, the next workout...... He’s a well built machine that’s about to hit the ring with a few new specs. We’re turning up the heat on “Hot Rod”, delivering nothing but the best “quality” exercises/drills and supervision the sports performance industry has to offer. In turn, he will unleash this power on his opponent.

From professional boxers to NFL hopefuls to the housewife who wants to transform herself, we train you all. Because I have been training clients for over 20 years, my proven track record of turning a regular team player into an elite, professional athlete speaks loudly for itself. From tennis pros to boxing pros, football players and everyone else in between, I've conditioned and played a big handed role in many athletes who have made it all the way to the top. By visiting my YouTube Channel, you can view hundreds of our training videos of my elite athletic conditioning performed by actual clients. Also, please Google "Pro Builder Fitness" to view my 5 start Reviews!
Pro Builder Fitness' name is exactly as stated. We build professional's by breaking the average player down and then building them back up as a serious, focused and conditioned professional athlete, ready to conquer his sport.  

We are not in the business of trying to prove to our clients or to the public how creative we are by coming up with a ton of worthless exercises or drills that deliver nothing to the athlete! Instead, we stick to the proven basics, sending athletes back stronger, more conditioned and capable of performing at their highest level. We also focus on improving our athletes weak areas of strength and performance, allowing us to produce a well balanced individual.

Last but not least, every single client (no matter what age, male or female or what their fitness goals may be) is pushed and challenged mentally from one training to the next. Without a doubt, this method produces results but it requires a lot of discipline too. Are you ready to achieve all your goals? We are committed to getting you there!

*Still available “New Years Resolution” Personal Training Discounts! Call for more information! 

Andre Hudson, Head Coach, Pro Builder Fitness St Petersburg Personal Trainer 727-465-3065

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