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"Specializing in bringing out the best in every individual he trains. Word of mouth along with a large number of walking bill boards across the state of Florida, has always been Andre's biggest marketing asset. His clients include children, sports teams, groups, individuals and couples of all ages. He has instilled self confidence and motivation and has transformed the bodies of many that have been fortunate enough to have worked with him and with his engaging personality, Andre makes it fun!"
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Congratulations to one of my hardest working clients Mrs Runyan, for all her hard work and dedication put forth preparing for Augusta GA, Half Iron Man. She went, She conquered! This is what Pro Builder Fitness is all about!
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Personal training really is all about you!
As I begin to work with you, I will start to assess where you are now and learn where you want to be. I create personal training sessions that are perfectly tailored to your own personal, unique requirements.

My clients are so pleased with their body transformation from Pro Builder Fitness that they have no hesitation in recommending me to their family, friends, work colleagues and any acquaintances they can think of, which then leads to more successful and happy people down the road.
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WORKOUT 1: CORE CRUNCH (see video)
Keeping your hands on the ground -- you're going to crunch forward. Crunch forward. Now you can rotate side-to-side ending for the heel. Let the shoulders drop and keep the chin tucked

Keep that knee bent right there nice and easy. Now slow down and ease back, nice and easy. Now all these right here can be modified so you can go a little slower. If you bend the knee when you're coming up that modifies it and it takes a little bit of the weight off the leg.

On your hands underneath you in plank position with your feet no more than about a foot apart, just let that midsection sink down a little bit,now pull up into a basic plank; now go ahead and ease down on these elbows. Normally we would leave everybody in this position for a good hot minute. You don't want to damage that lower back, right? So you can't be down too low. Stay tight, focus, and down to the knees.
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I travel to clients and train the entire family! Exercise at a young age teaches children life long healthy habits. 
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• Individual & Group Training
• Plyometrics & Calisthenics Conditioning
• Improving Self Esteem & Mental Toughness 
• Private Sessions
• Fitness Centers
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Improving your fitness will also increase your energy levels and help you to sleep a deeper, more restorative sleep which will allow you to wake feeling refreshed and ready for another busy day.
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