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"Andre Hudson helped me strengthen my physical endurance, so that I can concentrate on sports in my middle school with confidence and success. I win basketball games, catch long football passes, and score touchdown"
-Elliot Stein 
11 yr old male

"Osteopenia, Osteoarthritis, and Fibromyalgia are three reasons I faithfully train with Andre Hudson. As an over 50 yr old female with bone and muscle problems, I wanted someone who would understand my limitation and still be able to provide a workout that would serve to strengthen my bones and stretch and strengthen my muscles to make them healthier and to minimize my pain. Andre has not only been able to do this, be he has taught me a lot about my body that helps me understand what to do to relieve pain once I leave the gym. I could never chance going to a gym and using even slightly improper form on any of the equipment. I feel completely confident while working with Andre that he is closely watching my form and knows exactly how far to push me. Andre has made a tremendous difference in the quality of my life. He’s great!"
-Jean Matz

"Meeting Andre Hudson is the best thing that happened to our family! Ever since I started private workout lessons with Andre, he has been an inspiration and source of strength to me. He showed me that starting to exercise and workout in the mid 40’s is fun and rewarding. Andre also provides valuable advice for nutrition and healthy eating. For the last year, he also became the personal trainer of my 18yr old twins and helped them stay fit and focused on sports and exercise. Even my 10 yr old All-Star Cheerleader loves an occasional conditioning session with Andre and my husband will be joining Andre for outdoor cross training sessions soon. The whole Stenzel family is hooked on Andre Hudson."
-Ursula Stenzel

"Training with Andre was defiantly a positive learning experience. He was great to work with. He is very energetic, motivation, and determine to help you meet the challenge. I have been in and out of the gym through the years and have learned more from Andre in the last 20 sessions. He has helped me learn proper technique and expand my workout program. I look forward to continuing to work with him. If you like jumping rope, you’ll love Andre!!"
~ Denis Slater

"Clearwater Aquatic Team swimmers that were trained with Andre Hudson this summer, set new swimming records at the Florida Swimming “Junior Olympic Championships” in Orlando this past weekend. Swimmers made huge time drops in all of their events. 12 individual state champions, 5 junior national cuts, 1 U.S. open cut, 4 Junior Olympic records were set by swimmers that benefited from Andre’s dry land training. Many people were asking about Training of the Clearwater swimmer this weekend. It was obvious that something special had happened with the tremendous time drops the swimmers were having. Thank you Andre."
~ Swim Team Coach Mike Yurwood (Clearwater Aquatic Swim Team) 

"From working out with Andre Hudson both inside and outside of the gym my abilities on the tennis court and in athletics prospered, as did my body image and self-esteem. Through lifting weights, running distance, and performing many speed and agility workouts, Andre prepared me for Division I tennis at Notre Dame. I lost weight, gained muscle and learned the best ways to maximize my cardiovascular workouts. I learned what was best to eat and when to eat it. Working out with Andre was a very rewarding experience for me in many ways."
~ Kelly Nelson 
21 yr old female

"It takes years to develop bad eating and exercise habits. It takes one exercise session with Andre Hudson to change your ways. His enthusiasm and encouragement is contagious. You workout, have fun and before you know it your hour is over. Your muscles are worked, your mind relaxed and you look forward to your next workout. Andre has found a way to combine good healthy exercise with fun. I’ve watched my body reshape itself over the last 3 years and I have dropped 2 dress sizes. You stick with Andre and the results will stick with you!!! He’s the best!"
- Abbe Ensmiger
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Erin Fitness model Tierra Verde Florida personal trainer
To The Great Andre Hudson, 
After 15 long years of competing in gymnastics, I was lost on how to maintain my athletic ability and stay in shape. Then I walked into you and my life made a 360 degree turn after feeling your aura and seeing your energy and passion for health and fitness. You took me under your wings and got me completely motivated to get in shape. Your drive was contagious and brought me to a conclusion of where I wanted my life to go. Not only did I know that the fitness industry is where my future was, but I also decided to begin training for women’s Tri Fitness Competition. Without your help and encouragement at the start of my challenge, I would never be where I am today. 
4 months
of training
after photo weight loss st pete beach personal trainer
personal training Sarasota, FL
personal training Sarasota, FL
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After Pic Arrow Personal Training Tierre Verde Personal Trainer
Your guidance has not only resulted in me finally being content with my body but also has directed my life as a personal trainer and hopefully many other diverse paths in exercise and health. I now can’t get enough of our one on one work outs that usually end with both of us crawling on the floor in puddles of sweat (and sometimes throw up). If there was one person in this world who is doing what they were put on this earth to do, you are it!! You are the man, Andre, and anyone who is lucky enough to be coached by you is bound to achieve success just like me. I loved my time with you and will always keep in touch. Always, Erin G.
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