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Many may think that training and conditioning young aggressive athletes is a simple task. There's nothing simple about it! First and foremost the trainer must gain the respect of the athlete, parents and coaches by being seen or looked at as a positive role model. I call it "having a good solid delivery system." If the trainer represents what he or she stands for well enough, than they will eventually create a following that will continue to grow as long as they continue to walk it, talk it, live it, and deliver to the public a number of walking talking bill boards that will eventually lead other athletes to their front door. This is a system that I know all so well, and have always opened my doors to other trainers to give them the opportunity to grow in this area of fitness. In the past few years I've seen the demand for training/ conditioning young athletes pick up tremendously and it will continue to grow. Don't miss out! Any parents, coaches, or trainers that may have an interested, please contact Andre Hudson at 727-465-3065 or andre@probuilderfitness.com
Kennie Taylor Commits to Duke

A Division 1 prospect with still yet a few high school baseball seasons still left to complete. Kennie Taylor a Jr at Jesuit High has all of the qualities that division 1 colleges look for in an athlete. He's worked very hard to gain the respect that he has on and off the field. High academics, community service, mentor, plus athletic enhancement training, all contribute to his advancing as a high caliber student athlete. I'm blessed to be a part of his success, and that his parents and coaches trust in me to deliver the proper workouts that will allow him to grow as an athlete. Keep up the good work Kennie, God has blessed you with a gift that will continue to shine in to the lives of all you meet.

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Most people think because of their past injuries, age, or years of neglecting the body from physical activities that they've fallen so far out of shape, that there's no use… but it's NOT too late! I'm here to encourage you to pick yourselves up and to start speaking/thinking more positive thoughts into your life. Surround yourselves with like minded people who have the same goals in mind, so that you can push and support one another and hopefully be an influence on those that are still struggling with some of the same issues. It's never to late to get fit by Pro Builder Fitness Personal Training in St. Petersburg Florida.
Ryan Green DB Florida State University is one of Pro Builder Fitness' top proteges. Athletic enhancement training in St Petersburg FL.
Joc Skinner DB Tampa Bay Buccaneers has trained with Pro Builder Fitness for the last 8 years. Living proof of Andre Hudson's Personal Training expertise. 
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Hugo A. Rivera, International Best Selling Fitness Author
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"Andre Hudson is one of the best trainers I have ever met. He can motivate even the most unmotivated person with his ability to transfer his positive energy and enthusiasm, as well as his knowledge of training and nutrition. Success is inevitable for his client. On top of that, Andre’s genuine care for his clientele is what separates him from the rest. Even if he had half the knowledge he has about training, this care for others 
would still make him a much better trainer than most."

Hugo A. Rivera, International Best Selling Fitness Author (Over 1.5 Million Books Sold Worldwide), NY Times About.com Bodybuilding Guide, Champion Natural Bodybuilder (4th in the Mr. USA)
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Pro Builder Fitness Personal Trainer St Pete Fl, Good footwork and body control is a must! 
Ms. Lorenza is now 2 weeks into her 3 month transformation, her diets clean, lean, and mostly green. I'm impressed with how quickly she picks up on proper form when performing exercises and drills. Andre Hudson's Personal Training
You don't have to be athletic, all ages, shapes and sizes  to benefit from Pro Builder Fitness. Whether your looking for weight loss, strength and endurance training, flexibility, mental toughness or simply to tighten and tone the body.
PJ Franklin RB Stetson University trained under Pro Builder Fitness in 2010 and then went on to receive a full scholarship to Stetson in 2013. Leo Corrigan Jr trained with Pro Builder Fitness starting in 2010. Played with IMG Academy Bradenton FL, is currently looking at colleges but has not committed to any as of yet.


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